Solar Energy is Now Affordable with the 30% tax credit and $1000 from TVA.
TVA also pays 4 cents per killowatt more than they charge with a 20 years commitment.
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How Solar Energy Works

How it works

When sunlight strikes the solar modules (photovoltaic cells) the modules generate DC voltage and current. The modules are grouped together and wired in series so that output is increased depending on the number of modules in the circuit. The DC current is sent to an inverter which converts the DC power to AC power which can then be fed into the incoming electric grid from the power company. A new Solar meter is placed next to your current meter so the power company can read both meters at the same time. A current TVA -- 20 year contract will pay you 14 cents/ kwh for your solar power. This means that a Solar System sized to produce 3/4 your daily electrical needs will cover your cost of electricity for the next 10 years. After that you will get paid what they charge. The neat thing is the systems can be installed at a price that will pay for itself in less than the 10 year time frame even if power stays at todays rates and much sooner if power goes up, which will happen.

A Solar Specialists will do a free onsite evaluation of your home or business after a phone consultation and can accurately estimate how much money you will save with a solar electric system installed at your location.

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